Book Making Workshops

Do you have a story to tell? Write your own book!

Join us at the Computer Clubhouse on November 7th, 10th, 12th, and 14th as we create our own books with students from Pacific Lutheran University! Need more details? Email

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Simple Light-up Hoodie

LED Hoodie

Materials needed:
Hooded sweatshirt. (We got ours from Target).

EL Tape (You can find it at Radioshack, or SparkFun).
Inverter for EL tape/wire. (We got this one from Radioshack).
Two AA batteries for the inverter.
Sew on Velcro. (We found ours at Michael’s)
Glue gun
Thread the same color as your hooded sweatshirt.

Follow the steps listed here in the Make: projects site.
Note: our EL tape wasn’t adhesive, so we used a glue gun to stick the Velcro to it.

Wish it, Dream it, MAKE IT! Summer Program

Wish it, Dream it, MAKE IT! Summer Program

The application for the Computer Clubhouse summer program is now open! The theme this summer is “Wish it, Dream it, MAKE IT!”
Students will spend six weeks exploring circuits, coding, photography, engineering, video production, music production, health and science, art, and take a behind the scene look at sci-fi films! They will also get a chance to interact with youth from around the world and discuss projects they’re working on as we participate in the virtual Summer Maker Camp hosted by Google. Additionally, there will be fun field trips each week related to the weekly theme.

Applications are due no later than 5PM May 30th 2014. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to email the Clubhouse Coordinator ( or call (253.627.3174).

Pieces of Peace – AmeriCorps Workshop

On March 14th, current AmeriCorps members at Peace Community Center visited the Computer Clubhouse of Tacoma for their Friday training. What they didn’t know was that they’d all become Makers! The overall goals for this workshop were:

  • encourage the AmeriCorps members to discover/recognize their strengths both individually and collectively
  • work as a team to get a task done
  • become Makers! (and eat fruit of course).

The workshop began with a brief introduction of the Computer Clubhouse of Tacoma, and the Computer Clubhouse Network. The introduction was followed by the Clubhouse Coordinator Jaleesa Trapp sharing her AmeriCorps and Clubhouse stories. (Jaleesa served as an AmeriCorps member at Peace Community Center before becoming the Clubhouse Coordinator).
After the introductions, the group got right to work. They began by getting familiar with Makey Makey by creating PacMan game controllers out of aluminum foil, followed by pianos using fruit.

Before attending the workshop, each member was asked to think about two personal strengths they bring to Peace Community Center. Members were put into groups based on the program level they serve (elementary, middle, and high school). Each person had to create a physical piece that represents them/their strength. The physical piece had to be conductive, because it later controlled their animation in Scratch.  After creating the physical piece, they began coding in Scratch. Each member selected an image to represent them, and when a certain key is pressed, the image turns into their strength. (Example: My image was a bat, and when the space bar is pressed the word “compassion” appears).
The groups had an example piece of code to build upon, and truly made each animation their own. It was great to hear all of the words of encouragement being thrown around as individuals searched for images that represented them, or debated what their strength is. In the end, each group accomplished the goals that were set out for them. They were challenged to identify a strength, create a physical and digital representation, and work with their team to complete a program.

Below are photos and links to their group projects. To view more photos, visit our Flickr page.

Elementary Team:

Middle School Team:

High School Team:

Thank you Peace Community Center AmeriCorps, and congratulations on becoming Makers!

Interested in becoming an AmeriCorps team member at Peace? Visit their site and see if it’s for you!

Girls’ Day: Scratch + Makey Makey Game Making

After getting to know our new volunteers from the University of Washington – Tacoma Women in Computing Science group, we got into groups and began creating.
Each group was instructed to create a game using a person, place, and thing that they drew. (Each person contributed a person, place, and thing to the pile). Each group was also instructed to use their Makey Makey board to control their game. They were provided with Scratch cards, aluminum foil, printer paper, pipe cleaners, markers, pencils, cardboard boxes, glue, scissors, paper clips, clip boards, and copper wire.


Group One:
Group one drew Casey (a friend), home, and a rocket ship.
The object of their game was to throw a rock at the alien 5 times so that Casey could return home. Comments from the creators: If we had more time, we would’ve programmed it so that if the alien touches Casey she lose points, and if she touches an alien 5 times she loses the game.

Group Two:
Group two drew a Jayann (a friend),  heart, and the Tacoma Glass Museum.
The object of this game is to have Jayann, the tiger, collect the hearts. Once the tiger collects a certain amount of points she goes to another level.  This group started on their Makey Makey controls, but ran out of time.

Group Three:
Group three drew Bow Wow, the mall, and paper.
The object of their game is to collect money each time Bow Wow appears in the mall. (Similar to where’s Waldo). Once you score more than 200 points, you win.


Reflections from the Girls:
During their presentations each group talked about the overall experience, and what they would change/add if they had more time, a few girls came back on Monday and made adjustments to their games.
All of the girls were surprised at what they were capable of creating, and all admitted that programming wasn’t as bad as they imagine.
One girl expressed that she wishes she had more time, and supplies to create her game controller.