Girls’ Day: Scratch + Makey Makey Game Making

After getting to know our new volunteers from the University of Washington – Tacoma Women in Computing Science group, we got into groups and began creating.
Each group was instructed to create a game using a person, place, and thing that they drew. (Each person contributed a person, place, and thing to the pile). Each group was also instructed to use their Makey Makey board to control their game. They were provided with Scratch cards, aluminum foil, printer paper, pipe cleaners, markers, pencils, cardboard boxes, glue, scissors, paper clips, clip boards, and copper wire.


Group One:
Group one drew Casey (a friend), home, and a rocket ship.
The object of their game was to throw a rock at the alien 5 times so that Casey could return home. Comments from the creators: If we had more time, we would’ve programmed it so that if the alien touches Casey she lose points, and if she touches an alien 5 times she loses the game.

Group Two:
Group two drew a Jayann (a friend),  heart, and the Tacoma Glass Museum.
The object of this game is to have Jayann, the tiger, collect the hearts. Once the tiger collects a certain amount of points she goes to another level.  This group started on their Makey Makey controls, but ran out of time.

Group Three:
Group three drew Bow Wow, the mall, and paper.
The object of their game is to collect money each time Bow Wow appears in the mall. (Similar to where’s Waldo). Once you score more than 200 points, you win.


Reflections from the Girls:
During their presentations each group talked about the overall experience, and what they would change/add if they had more time, a few girls came back on Monday and made adjustments to their games.
All of the girls were surprised at what they were capable of creating, and all admitted that programming wasn’t as bad as they imagine.
One girl expressed that she wishes she had more time, and supplies to create her game controller.






International Day of the Girl 2013

Dolly and Jade

On October 11th 2013 the Computer Clubhouse of Tacoma celebrated International Day of the Girl. The theme was Innovating for Girls’ Education.

We celebrated with musical performances by Kenyan-American singer Naomi Wamboe, and Clubhouse member Frances Ramirez-Ayuso. We heard facts about Girls’ education around the world from Clubhouse member Dymond Price as she shared why she supports the movement. Jade Hicks unveiled her video entitled “My Inspiration” dedicated to her mother. She was 1 of 5 Clubhouse girls around the world to have their project featured on the Clubhouse Network, MIT Media Lab, and Intel websites. We heard Sentoria Zuill-Brown’s inspiring story about her personal education journey and her call to young girls to get an education because they deserve success.

We ended the night by mingling and visiting the stations the students prepared. Malayah Price ran a Makey Makey piano station using bananas and homemade play dough. Jade Hicks created a Guess Who came where people had to match short descriptions of women to their portrait. Clubhouse Alumna Jevetta Trapp, had a photo booth where people wrote why they think it’s important for girls to receive an education. Frances Ramirez-Ayuso (with help from an adult) ran a microwave chocolate cupcake station where she made and decorated the cupcakes. Justice Brown setup a station with projects that he and other students created about women who inspired them, as well as great projects from girls at the Tacoma Clubhouse. The last station was a pledging station where attendees got a chance to write down their pledge in response to our call to action. Members of the Clubhouse will be emailing them periodically to check-in with them on the pledge that they made.

IDGSentoria IMG_7310IMG_7217

Pictures can be found on our Flickr account!