Girls’ Day: Scratch + Makey Makey Game Making

After getting to know our new volunteers from the University of Washington – Tacoma Women in Computing Science group, we got into groups and began creating.
Each group was instructed to create a game using a person, place, and thing that they drew. (Each person contributed a person, place, and thing to the pile). Each group was also instructed to use their Makey Makey board to control their game. They were provided with Scratch cards, aluminum foil, printer paper, pipe cleaners, markers, pencils, cardboard boxes, glue, scissors, paper clips, clip boards, and copper wire.


Group One:
Group one drew Casey (a friend), home, and a rocket ship.
The object of their game was to throw a rock at the alien 5 times so that Casey could return home. Comments from the creators: If we had more time, we would’ve programmed it so that if the alien touches Casey she lose points, and if she touches an alien 5 times she loses the game.

Group Two:
Group two drew a Jayann (a friend),  heart, and the Tacoma Glass Museum.
The object of this game is to have Jayann, the tiger, collect the hearts. Once the tiger collects a certain amount of points she goes to another level.  This group started on their Makey Makey controls, but ran out of time.

Group Three:
Group three drew Bow Wow, the mall, and paper.
The object of their game is to collect money each time Bow Wow appears in the mall. (Similar to where’s Waldo). Once you score more than 200 points, you win.


Reflections from the Girls:
During their presentations each group talked about the overall experience, and what they would change/add if they had more time, a few girls came back on Monday and made adjustments to their games.
All of the girls were surprised at what they were capable of creating, and all admitted that programming wasn’t as bad as they imagine.
One girl expressed that she wishes she had more time, and supplies to create her game controller.






Computer Science Education Week – Thursday

Computer Science Education Week 2013

Scratch Holiday Cards

Learn how to make an interactive holiday card for your friends and family! Use the link below, and follow the instructions on the left side of your screen. Don’t forget to sign in/create an account and share your project once you’re done!

Scratch Holiday Card Tutorial

Ready for a challenge?

Add images that you’ve created using Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop.
Record your voice and add it to one of the characters.

Computer Science Education Week – Wednesday

Computer Science Education Week 2013

Mobile Apps

Follow the directions to create a Magic 8 Ball App using MIT App Inventor. You can use the printed version, or follow the instructions online. Feel free to work in pairs.


Ready for a challenge?
Find free audio files (or create  your own) to go with each prediction.

Want another challenge?

Publish your app! The Computer Clubhouse of Tacoma has an account in the Google Play store, so you can publish your app for others to download on Android devices.


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