Makey Makey & Scratch with Fabitat!

On Thursday, January 30th, students from the legal graffiti class at Fabitat joined us at the Computer Clubhouse for a Makey Makey and Scratch workshop.

We started with learning about how circuits work using Makey Makey. We connected the boards to the computers, and made controllers out of foil to play Pacman. Once the students mastered the game using the foil, they switched to using each other to control the game, because humans conduct electricity too! We discussed the difficulties of figuring out Makey Makey, but mostly celebrated because each group was able to get their games of Pacman up and going with very few problems.


Next, we created games in Scratch. Each group was challenged to create a game that they control using Makey Makey, and an original drawing. One group put their own twist on the Super Mario Brothers game, an explosion happens once a person touches the bomb they drew, and it even had sound effects! Another group programmed people to dance once someone touched the apple that they drew. The last group drew an imaginary animal, and a few of the staff and members at Fabitat.

The group of students from Fabitat were AMAZING, and great programmers! We’ll be visiting them for a DJ/Beatmaking class soon! Image





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