Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service

This year the Clubhouse had the pleasure of hosting the College Success Foundation’s AmeriCorps volunteers and their students for a day of service!

We began with a Makey Makey & Scratch workshop. To get familiar with Makey Makey, we started by creating keys out of foil to play Pacman. After the students realized they weren’t limited to the foil they began exploring other possible ways to play Pacman. Eventually the room was filled with yelling and laughter as the students began using each other instead of the foil. (Because humans conduct electricity!)

IMG_0698 IMG_0704

Next, the students looked at the Martin Luther King Speech project in Scratch, and thought about their own dreams. In groups, they came up with concepts for projects depicting their dreams. One group had a dream that all students had the opportunity to eat breakfast. Another group created a trivia game where people had to guess the dream of each group member. The last group had a dream of education equality. Unfortunately, there wasn’t enough time to complete the projects, but a few of the students were interested in finishing on their own at home.

IMG_0725 IMG_0728 IMG_0729

After the workshop, we all got to work! One group went to work in the Make It! Lab, where there were hundreds of LEGOs spread out around the room. Another group worked on cleaning up the music studio. There was also a group that cleaned our front classroom. All volunteers helped with wiping down walls and tables, and taking out garbage.
IMG_0736 IMG_0741 IMG_0745

We are very grateful for the service of the AmeriCorps members and their students! Thank you!

For more pictures, visit our Flickr page.


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