Fun On The Field Trip!!

Today the Tacoma Computer Clubhouse went on an amazing field trip! We visited the Apple Store, they showed us some of their software (iMovie). We were then challenged to make videos on how we personally, can make a difference in the world. We also were given free T-shirts and some “filthy” Hard-Drives. Then, after departing from the Apple Store, we visited the tacoma art museum! There we looked at art work of course, analized self portraits, made our own self portraits, and involved our selves in making other art work. Check out all of the photos from today on our flickr. Overall it was a great day everyone here at the Tacoma Computer Clubhouse had fun, and we all challenged our brains and learned new things! In the next few months we will be working on digital story telling.


                                                                         -Stay Posted!

Marquel P.


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