Science and Math Institute (SAMI) visits the Clubhouse

Friday I had the pleasure of having 15 students from the Science and Math Institute come to the Clubhouse to volunteer during their mentor group time. We talked about the history of the Computer Clubhouse Network, and the Tacoma Clubhouse specifically. A few of the students were antsy because as soon as they walked in they saw our Makey Makey’s and wanted to try them out. (I had already planned on showing them how they work, but the fact that they were excited made me even more excited).

The group broke into 3 groups to try out the Makey Makey’s using play dough members made the previous day. Two groups made pac man controllers, and the last made an interesting controller for Minecraft.

After the fun stuff, they got down to business. We had a group clean the front classroom, another group organizing the music studio, and the bravest of them all took on the task of organizing our LEGOS! We took a break to eat lunch, and then got back to work. This time, all of the students had the task of working on a project that students could create when they come to the Clubhouse. They came up with the following ideas:

Recycled technology art
Anti-bullying claymation
Music for the claymation
Video game created in Kodu and controlled using Makey Makey.

We ran out of time, but the students took their projects home, and will return them to me in a few weeks. I can’t wait to see the final products!

THANK YOU so much to all of the students who came to volunteer, I appreciate you all!

-Jaleesa Trapp


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