Thank You!

Thank you all so much for your support! Although we missed our goal by a long shot, the support of all of you has inspired us to keep going. The Intel Computer Clubhouse Network has been helping students discover their own voice for 20 year…s, and now you are apart of that! This past summer I was invited by Intel to tell my Clubhouse story, and as a Coordinator, I realize that without supporters like you, my success wouldn’t have been possible. (See video)

You can continue to show your support by keeping up with what the students are doing, you can read our blog, follow us on twitter, look at our pictures on flickr, and watch our youtube videos.

If you know someone interested in making a donation of any kind (money, supplies, food, etc.) please tell them to contact me at

Once again, THANK YOU for making a difference, and helping us to continue the legacy of the Computer Clubhouse of Tacoma.
-Jaleesa Trapp Clubhouse Coordinator


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