Continuing the Legacy

A group of students spent 5 weeks at the Computer Clubhouse of Tacoma learning about stormwater pollution in Tacoma, attending technical workshops, and creating final projects to educate their community about pollution. The final projects were a mobile app (it’s now available on Google Play), an interactive game made of mini circuits, an investigation game created in Minecraft, a music video, a song, and graphic design. Their projects can be found at

The summer program is just a glimpse of what students are able to do at the Computer Clubhouse, which is apart of the Intel Computer Clubhouse Network. The Computer Clubhouse of Tacoma is currently running a campaign to raise funds to keep the program up and running. The goal of the Continuing the Legacy campaign is to raise $50,000 to purchase 2 new desktop computers, operation costs for the Girls’ Day program, Microsoft Surfaces, music studio equipment, supplies for the Make It! Lab, software, a salary for part-time teen mentors, and most importantly; a salary for the Coordinator. Jaleesa Trapp has been working at the Clubhouse without a salary for nearly 5 months because she truly loves the program and believes in the true essence of what the Clubhouse represents. It is her goal to see to it that every student who walks through the door learns something new and leaves with an appreciation for technology.
You can help by donating, and then spreading the word. The campaign can be found here:
You can keep up with what the youth are doing on their Blog, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, and website.
Thank you for your support!
Written By: JevettaTrapp, Public Relations Volunteer

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