Preparing for a Voyage to Mars

Last Friday (July 19th) we prepared for our mission to Mars. First we looked up vocabulary words. The most important words were aphelion, concentric, and Hohmann Transfer. We went outside and created a replica (sort-of) of the Earth’s and Mar’s orbit around the sun. Their orbits are concentric. We also learned that it takes Mars almost 2 years to complete it’s orbit. In order to travel between the planets, the planet of origin must be at the point of aphelion, which means it’s the furthest away from the sun. To travel you have to use the Hohmann Transfer, it allows you to travel between two circular orbits. 


Our second activity was a communication game. 
There were 3 roles, astronaut, mission control and radio signal. Mission control had to build something out of legos and take a picture so they can remember what they built. The radio signal isn’t suppose to see it. Mission control takes it apart and gives the parts to the astronaut. Mission control has to tell the radio signal directions one by one so the radio signal can tell the astronaut. The astronaut can not ask the radio signal questions. The astronaut can ask the radio signal to relay a message back to mission control. My role was the astronaut. Overall it was easy to build my LEGO creation, but one difficult thing was that I couldn’t ask the radio signal questions (and get a response from them). 


Written by: MaKeya White



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