People Are Quite Indifferent

Today, we broke off into groups and conducted interviews around the neighborhood. Our topic? Water pollution in Tacoma. We went into businesses, talked to strangers on the street and even in the park. How do you feel? What do you know? Do you care?

As you could probably guess, we were met with indifference (and sometimes, even hostility). People are just living their lives, trying to survive, cushioned by an attitude of complacency and a familiar routine. 

How do we make people care? Or at least make them think? Today helped me to realize a new goal. I want to do something head-turning. I want to relay information in a way that can’t be ignored. Pollution matters. In order to keep up with the macabre–the ridiculous rush of beeping, flashing, talking stimuli we come into contact with each and every day–we need to utilize not only technology, but also our talents to make issues that affect our beautiful city seem worth listening to.  

Because, honestly, people are quite indifferent.


Realia Harris


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