I Almost Hated Math

I grew up without a computer, a phone and, at times, without cable. I was virtually cut off from the world, and I was never really adept when it came to utilizing technology; I probably never will be. My name is Realia, and if I hadn’t discovered Einstein, I would have hated math.

Einstein is an all around cool dude. He was intelligent, unique, stubborn, but relatable. He made some groundbreaking discoveries, but I love people, and he was an admirable person. My love of Einstein made up for many a boring science classroom and for a couple of awful math teachers. I’ve never been great at math, but I have come to appreciate the beauty of mathematics within our universe.

During this summer program, I hope to gain a new understanding of my place in the formula, so to speak. I wish to no longer be afraid of technology. I want to learn what html means. My tribute to Einstein, a cool guy who’s mere existence helped me endure the emotional torture that is IB Pre-Calculus.



Realia Harris





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