End of the Summer Celebration

MakerCarnivalJoin the Computer Clubhouse of Tacoma as we celebrate the end of our “Wish it, Dream it, Make it!” summer program with a Maker Carnival!

You will see student projects in the following categories:
Makers in Motion
Art & Design
Fun & Games
Science & Technology
DIY Music
Make: Believe (Sci-Fi)
Everyone is a Maker!
This program-end celebration will be filled with fun & games. In addition to a student showcase, there will also be interactive stations set up around the room so that everyone has the opportunity to be a Maker!


Build Tacoma! Family Build Night and Teen Summit Send Off Celebration



Join the Computer Clubhouse of Tacoma for a LED Build Night, as we celebrate Jade and Alliyah’s trip to the Computer Clubhouse Network Teen Summit! Come learn how to create circuits with LED lights, and create your favorite Tacoma building, house, or neighborhood!
No experience with LED lights and circuits? No problem! Clubhouse members, staff, and volunteers will be on hand to help!

What to bring: Cardboard, glue, paper, plastic bottles, and anything you want to use to create your building. LED lights and batteries will be provided, thanks to Instructables!

**FREE and open to ALL AGES**

Jade and Alliyah are amazing Clubhouse leaders, and we want to send them off to Boston motivated to make a difference. 

More information about Teen Summit

Tacoma, July 9, 2014 – 2 youth leaders from the Computer Clubhouse of Tacoma are heading to Boston, Massachusetts, in July to join nearly 200 other young people for the Intel Computer Clubhouse Network’s 2014 Teen Summit. Youth from 18 countries including India, Jordan, Israel, Ireland, South Africa, New Zealand, Brazil, and the United States will be in Boston from July 29th-August 3rd to explore using technology to make positive change and stand up for youth rights in issues such as education, environment, freedom & safety, health, and speech & expression.
These youth ambassadors, Jade Hicks and Alliyah Peoples, were chosen for their outstanding peer leadership and efforts to give back to their community. Jade and Alliyah, both juniors at Stadium High School, began attending the Computer Clubhouse when they were in middle school. After the sudden passing of former director, Dr. Luversa Sullivan, both girls stopped attending. Within the past year, both girls have returned, and thrived as peer mentors. Jade can usually be found in the music studio recording music or the Make It! Lab teaching LEGO robotics. Alliyah is always coming up with ideas of how to put her new found love of coding to use whether it’s creating a Seahawks animation in Scratch, or creating a 3D game in Alice.

Clubhouse on Mars

photo1 (1)

1. So first we got a box

2.Then we cut up pieces of another box ,we use the cut up pieces and put foil over it

3.Next, we designed the box with pictures

4.Soon, we made cretures that we thought would look like on mars and people

5. Later, we put white paper on the bottom (used as the ground)

6. Finally, we used a hot glue gun to stick buildings and animals and etc.
As we were making it i thought of ow the “Tacoma clubhouse” would look like on mars.